A Father's Day Project

I am not sure of the exact year that my father decided to torture me in this bee-ridden clover field, but I remember the day like it was just yesterday!
As a youngin', I didn't go to daycare...nope, I traveled the road with my dad as he drove from barn to barn shoeing horses, and trimming hooves.
From these experiences, I learned the gift-of gab-from my old man, and grew accustomed to roaming the roads.
With an artists soul, his eyes were always on the hunt for a found object to repurpose, the beauty of a landscape, and in this case...a photo-op!
I left out the pics that show my true feelings about the experience, but let's just say they were not pleasant. I remember being so confused.
Why must I stand in the epicenter of bee heaven?
Years later, and that day still haunts me.
So what do I do the very first time I pass a clover field with both of my beautiful babies in the backseat...camera on hand?????
What any good daughter and mother would do of course!
Out of the car, and right into the field we went.
As you can see, my little ham didn't seem to mind the clover field half as bad as I did.
I will add in my own defense though that there were no bees this time around.
My youngest however, must have a little more of mama in her blood, because I couldn't get a smile out of her to save my life.
So for Father's Day this year, I will be putting a grouping of some of these pics in a frame for my dad, aka Papa.

Happy Father's Day!