Staging for Sweet Country Photography Portrait Studio

In the small town of Turner, Oregon you wont find much more than an elementary school and swimming pool. However, there is one thing you are sure to find, an adorable boutique owned by the sweetest gal you could ever hope to meet. Not only is Danielle Adams kind-hearted, she is the Jane of all trades! With help from her hubby, she has turned what used to be the town post office into a shop where you can purchase a gift, get your hair done, and tan all in one super cute place. A few months ago, Danielle asked me to tackle transforming the front room into a Portrait Studio, ideas started flying and we are now officially "Under Construction"!

Yes, that would be an empty BL Lime bottle, and yes, it would be mine....that's how we roll around here :-)

I picked up this antique sofa for free on CL and am giving it a faux Anthro-upholstery job.

Burlap, old buttons, hanging threads, exposed excited!

Here is a shot of her backside. The darker colored burlap is original and is amazing. The original plan was just to strip down to the burlap, only the material has worn so much over the years that there wasn't much between the fabric and the springs and we didn't want wee ones getting stuck...hence the new burlap. I'm just going right on over the existing fabric.

Here she is at the end of the BL Lime, I mean, the work session. Still have a little ways to go, but we are getting there.

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