Anthropologie+Head Buyer=Big Surprise!

Say the words Anthropologie to any young woman and she instantly grins from ear to ear. In fact, if she is a true fan, the corners of her mouth started perking up before you even finish the word. Anthro. This store had me at hello. I will never forget my first time…Santa Barbra, CA, a kind of split level loft, great windows, and a mix of eclectic and cheery goods that left me dreaming of the day I could return. Unfortunately, Santa Barbra was only a vacation, and I would soon return to my broke college days in an Anthro-less Oregon.

Luckily for me though, we now have two within an hour’s drive from my home. You know how in the old- school cartoons when someone fell in love, their eyes morphed into hearts? That is what happens to me when I walk into an Anthropologie store….(oh, and also when the catalog comes to my door, can’t forget the beauty in print). I become engulfed with the great design, nod to a character-rich past, and want to breathe in the freshness of the colors.

I still haven’t decided if my infatuation is driven by the fact that things are waaaaaay high priced for a frugalista like me, or if the merchandise and displays would pull me in with the same great strength regardless. It doesn’t matter really. It is a beautiful place where many young women are able to enjoy the flea market finds while feeling like they are at shopping at Nordy’s. Not that Anthro is like Nordstrom, but that you can get the vintage without the hunt (which for some of us, let’s face it, is where it’s at).

I read about Anthropologie, look at a ginormous amount of photos, I study Anthro. Is that nerdy? Hmm, maybe a little. Here is my latest finding that left me a little taken aback. Did you know that the head buyer of Anthropologie is a…..ummmm….a…uh….MAN! I am in no way shape or form a feminist (no offense to those of you who are, I’m just not), but really? A man? For a store who is, “…geared to delight the fashionable, educated, and creative woman, aged 30 to 45.” Before I react (ok, maybe it’s a little too late for that), I will need to mill this over. I am in a state of shock. I am sure that Mr. Keith Johnson is a super guy, and clearly he does his job magnificently, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little duped. What else are you hiding from us????

Oh, and to Keith Johnson, kind sir, if you ever decide to sell some wonderfully handcrafted flasks in your stores…you know where to find me ;-)