Keepin' It Real

When I first started blogging, it seemed like the fancy backgrounds were all of the craze, and in some niches, I suppose they still are. I remember scouring site upon site looking for just the right one. I wanted one that really portrayed my style, and my vision for my little business. Since then, I have changed it a few times, but try not to stray too far. I have noticed that some people just pick things they like, things that are pretty, maybe a holiday theme. I think that is great for things like family blogs, but for businesses, it just seems more appropriate to keep things somewhat consistent. I mean, when a potential customer stumbles upon my blog, I want them to say, "Yes! I love this style!" And, if I am lucky enough to have them find me again, I would like for them to recognize me. So, for me, it seems logical to stick to a certain style.

I found my current background at Shabby Blogs, and I LOVE IT! In fact, I love many of their designs. For me, it was choosing one that said, trendy, vintage, fun, and a little bit country...after all, my business card reads, "A Unique Blend of Rockin' Cowgirl, Vintage Art Chick, and Boutique Betty". If you are in need of some super cute designs, check them out. They are fabulous!

So, why do I bring all of this up? Well, as I peruse other blogs in the craft sector, I find that many of them that I like are very simple. They typically have solid white backgrounds, black text, and inject color with their use of photos, logo, and sidebar info. They feel clean, crisp, and fresh to me...and sometimes I think maybe my blog should feel that way too. But, when it comes down to it, I don't think that is me. I compare it to my house. While I enjoy the clean, simple, organized home-it just doesn't happen around here! I am a work-at-home mom. If I want to accomplish anything creative, I must get into my zone. If I were to stop and pick up an entire snack trap's worth of cheerios off of the floor every few minutes, my zone would be gone. When I work, there is no rhyme or reason to the order in which I do things (Ok, so that's not entirely true-I do prioritize. Oh, and make lots of lists that I never look at twice-I think the act of writing it down is the helpful part for me). Same goes for my blog and business. My husband is always telling me to scale back...not to make so many different things. "Just keep it simple", he says. I CAN'T. I have this problem where I get inspired, or have a new idea, and I have to try it.

Sometimes it stems from saving money.

Just the other day I wanted some of those cute resin cabochons for some of my projects. Instead of just buying the darn things, I spent hours and many phone calls, trying to round up the correct supplies so that I could make my own. Really, I did. However, it was a waste of time. I will not be making my own.

I digress.

Back to blog design.

I will be keeping my Shabby Blogs background. It just fits me, and my multifaceted business. It's a little grungy, a little fun, feminine and flirty and so are the things I love to create.

PS-I just added a couple of new images (thanks to Shabby Blogs). One is my new fairwell at the very bottom. I think from here on out I will sign off with

Keep It Fancy!

You know, kind of like Anchorman, keep it classy San Diego