Feather Hair Extensions

Depending on where you live, you may have noticed that people are walking around with feathers- in their hair! The feather trend is catching on...more rapidly in certain locations; but, like skinny jeans, it's coming whether you like it or not. I was recently at a trunk show where a hip friend of mine was sporting the feather look. As we stood talking, I caught a glimpse of a white feather, and being the stay-at-home mom that I am, thought, "hmm, poor thing has down feather from her coat stuck in her hair." I attempted to pluck it out for her.

I soon learned that it was a feather hair extension and began searching my memory bank to see if I had any recollection of feathers in hair...American Idol, Steven Tyler, Yes! I knew I wasn't soooo out of it-just a little.

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Days later, my sister-in-law who lives in Bend, Oregon came over to the valley for a visit. She too was wearing a feather extension! However, hers was removable, and had a couple of strands of tinsel in the mix. Super cute!

As I'm starting to warm up to the this new hair craze, I visit my hairdresser only to find a few feathers floating about her workstation. She had just finished up with another client and suggested we put a few in my new do. "Yes, please!"

So I did it, I took flight with the feather trend. I went with the natural feathers (they come in colors too) and I must say, they are amazing!

*Side note*

Because this hasn't caught on everywhere, I recently encountered the following:

The cashier at a local grocer says to me, "Is that a feather in your hair?"

"Yes, it, is." I reply.

He adds, "Oh, is it that bird crap?"

Me, taken aback, stand there mouth open not sure how to respond to his rudeness. "Uhhhh" is all I can get out.

He quickly follows up by telling my that, "Bird Crap" is a brand of feathers!!!!!

Hahaha! These feathers are really throwing me for a loop!

Are feathers "in" in your neck of the woods?

If you live in the Salem, Oregon area and want to take flight...

Call my friends, and hair experts, Lindsey and Krista at Salon Mecca

Now, if you have a daughter that is a natural fashionista, like I do, then she too will want feathers. Which, I must admit, we put pink feathers in her locks and it is very fun! However, I know that many people wouldn't be comfortable with the crimped-in feathers for their little ones. Why not get them a Hillbilly Headband from The Farrier's Daughter?!?! Many are adorned with feathers galore!

I think the feathers are great for all of you gals that like to bring a little trendyness to your western style. I can't wait for the warm weather so that I can sport my sundress, cowboy boots, and feathers together. Very cowgirl chic in my opinion!