Tutu Marathon

Last fall, I took my girls to the park for a little photo shoot. I wanted to soak up what last bit of sun we would have here in the Great Northwest for months to come. As I started looking through my photo files for some tutu pics, I came across these and they made me smile.....

See, half way through the "shoot", the girls lost interest. Ok, let's be honest, they were never really interested. There were toys in sight and they wanted to play! Luckily I had come prepared with lollipops! Bribery? Why not?

(this actually backfired on me as it only took minutes before Reese had blue sticky goop all over her face)

Here is where it gets funny. Note how in the photo above Raegen is distracted...

Little sister is no dummy, she goes in for the lick!


What? I didn't do anything!

Ok, show and tell is now over and I move on to bigger and better things.

I received another shipment of tulle today and am ready to start cutting. It is going to be a one woman Tutu Marathon around here!

I have also been working like crazy trying to get the new site

(where these charity tutu's will be available for purchase)

up and running and should have a link to share very soon!