Toadally Tutus Children's Charity

Wowzers, there is A LOT that goes into starting a charity!

I suppose this is in part because I am a "one-woman show". The other part could very possibly be that I am a perfectionist, and when I get a vision, my brain automatically starts thinking about all of the ways to better that vision. My husband is always reminding me to slow down. In fact, as a little side note, there is an artist by the name of Katie Daisy who has a beautiful painting that says...SLOW DOWN. I need it! I would hang it by my coffee maker, since that is the only daily definite :-) Yes, you are probably thinking, "What about the medicine cabinet, or shower?" Good question. See, as a stay at home mom who is not a morning person, when I drag myself out of bed, I head directly for the coffee pot. My girls have learned that while I may look awake, until the caffeine enters my body I am nothing more than a walking zombie :-)

Ok, back on track...


I have finally decided on a name and logo...

(with the help of a quick Facebook vote)

Another side note: The Farrier's Daughter is now on FB

Toadally Tutus!

I'm happy with it. It may change down the road, but for now, it's a start. I have already started receiving orders and needed a tag to attach. Here's where the stress of being a one-woman show comes into play. On top of ordering, cutting, and making the tutus, there is so much to be done before a tutu goes out in the mail.

Ideally, I would have a very pretty web site and/or blog in place with a handy-dandy counter so that visitors can see our progress. In the last few days I have found myself needing to wear many hats...graphic designer, printing service, web designer.

The plan is to have a website (blog for now), where people and/or businesses that donate their services (ie-graphic designer, web designer, printing, building for clinics, boutiques that sell commission free) can be linked to in the side bar as an incentive for helping!

Until then, I am slowly working on the Barn Babies blog. Where updates about the charity will be posted.