Guest Blogger by The Farrier Himself

Today is a special day, as I am having my first guest blogger!

Who better to kick things off than my little business's' namesake...The Farrier himself.

Before I hand over the reins (actually, he hates computers, so I will be typing his handwritten ditty for him), let me give a quick introduction.

My father, a farrier by trade, artist and writer at heart. He is a strong man with a gentle soul, and humor which exudes him. He is walking example of hard work, dedication, and pride to all of his four children and six grand babies. I take great pleasure in introducing my first guest blogger, my father, Marvin R. Fred

I'm the farrier part of The Farrier's Daughter. To share some history, Lindsey's creative inclinations were genetically transferred from her great grandad to her grandmother to her. Her mom and I let the creative field lie fallow. Lindsey has a knack for turning trash into treasure. My knack is to turn trash into the dump!

My daughter's creative endeavors inspired my creative juices. Mother nature needed my help housing her feathered friends. How hard can that be? The end result was a bird shanty built from wood scraps and shingles. The two R's of bird housing were accomplished-rustic and recycled. (My daughter would have created the same structure using an old boot and a hubcap.)

After drilling the appropriately sized hole in the bird shack, and mounting it on a tree it was move in day. Then it was move in week, move in month and move in summer. Nothing! Free rent, no cleaning deposit, and no takers. It couldn't have been the quality of the bird hut. Our wrens are just too uppity. I'm out of the bird house business, there are horses to shoe...and Lindsey wants to know if you have any old boots or hubcaps!

-Written by Mick Fred...the farrier