Craft Room Makeover

Welcome to part one of my Craft Room Makeover.

You know how before going on a diet or starting a new workout program it is suggested that you take photos of your body in it's current state? They are your "fat pictures"; the ones that are supposed to remind you of why you are putting yourself through the sweat and pain; to remind you of where you came from.

Well, today I share with you my craft room fat pictures!

There are two entries to my space.

The door above is accessed through the garage. My husband's workbench is directly to the right of the door, so you can imagine the laugh I got when this sign went up!


Ok, enter at your own risk.......eeeeek, this is so embarrassing.

And wahlah! We are in.

Please fasten your seat belts and try to relax as the tour moves in a clockwise rotation around what will soon be an inspirational paradise.

Above is the only man (err, woman) door in the room. As you can see, it is currently home to all of my daughters' artwork.

My super-dee-duper handyman husband hung the cabinets for me. They were in the kitchen when we purchased the house, but saved them for this purpose. I see paint in their future. Probably white, maybe a color, you will have to wait and see.

To the right of the door we created a built-in workspace for office type stuff.

A girl's gotta be able to keep track of all of those orders right? Ok, maybe just a nice, clean place to blog. The cabinets were special made for the house remodel, but we ended up not using them. Again, my handyman installed a counter top. More painting.

On the Northern wall, I plan to have a special, kid-friendly spot. This is where the girls will be able to craft along side me. Then you will see a bump out in the room. Yes, a small portion of my real estate is shared with our pump room. However, I manage to use any free space inside for storage. Above the pump/storage room is a shelf which allows me to shove more stuff. One of my prize possessions is this old harvest table! You wouldn't know it the way it is covered right now, but she is amazing! Strong legs, long and lean, a smooth top, with a touch of chippy charm... now that's what I call perfection! See those partition walls? They are not a permanent fixture, I picked them up for free. They will be finding a new home in my friend's photography studio. The idea is that each side can have a different look, and they are on wheels, so she can just turn them for various shoots. The other way to access my world/craft room is through a large roll-up garage door. I love this because I can easily move furniture in and out to work on it. I also look forward to throwing it up in the summertime, and letting the kids come and go from the yard as I work. Stay tuned for more Craft Room Makeover.

*Do you have a craft room you would like to share for inspiration? Leave a link in the comments.