Cowboy Boots...A Girls Best Friend

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I dedicate today's post to a lifetime friend of mine...the cowboy boot!

Being a Farrier's Daughter and growing up in the country, I was destined to be a fan of the boot. I remember as a young girl going shopping for a pair that I had had my eye on. I was probably about 5 at the time, and I was excited to say the least. These boots were not just any ordinary boots, no ma'am, they had fringe! Yes, fringe, all the way down the side (shaft). I was in heaven! I remember wanting to wear them with everything...a mother's worst nightmare I now know :-)

Skip forward about ten years. I am in high school now. Same small town, and a school which sits smack dab in the middle of corn fields...lot's of corn fields. It's a small school, where most kids are the offspring of farmers of some sort, and they are proud of it. Here is where I ran into some problems that sent me soul searching. You see, there is a certain type of person (narrow minded person) that believes it is only ok to sport your boots if you are a "cowboy". In their minds, boots are to be worn only if you meet the following criteria:

1. You own a horse

2. You are in FFA or 4-H

3. You only wear them with Wrangler brand jeans that come up so high they double as an underwire.

4. Your top is long sleeve and button down...plaid

5. You have a belt buckle that is often mistaken as a dinner plate!

I would post a photo here for a better visual, but don't want to offend anyone. And let me add that I have no problem with this look, heck I have the same look...when I go riding.

Back to high school. We have already established that I love me some cowboy boots. And I want to wear them. Only I want to wear them my way, with my stylish jeans. I want to mix it up a bit. Why not be trendy while rocking your boots? I had to get away from the typical "high school mentality" that what other people think is important, and just be me. This was big. I had figured something out. To be a cowboy or country had nothing to do with what you wore or the after school activities that you participated in. It was, and still is in my mind, a frame of mind. It is someone who is raised with morals and values that reflect hard work, honesty, and genuineness. Boots or no boots. It is a way of life, not a piece of clothing.

That said, I am thrilled that over the years others have come around and can now also enjoy their boots without the looks, snickers and jabs.

Boots are Back!

My babies love boots! Safe to say they have been wearing them since infancy.

These gals love boots so much that they jump, split and cheer in them!

Now that's dedication to the boot if you ask me!

Ballerinas love boots too! Celebs are fans as well. One of my favorites is to pair a sundress with boots in the summer time! Speaking of dresses...brides everywhere are trading in the uncomfortable pumps for some leather dancing shoes! Here, the whole wedding party got in on the trend! How much more perfect could this picture be? Boots, brides and an Airstream?!?! Some even like to wear them with shorts (however I strongly suggest that you think twice about this-it's risky, just sayin').
How do you like your boots?