Tutus for Tots

A while ago I mentioned some big news for the New Year...
Tutus for Tots (or maybe a different name-not sure about this part yet)
Just before Christmas, my husband and I had to take our youngest daughter to Doernbecher Children's Hospital for some testing. After one of our appointments, we sat chatting while we let the girls play for bit. Looking at all of the Christmas decorations, I started thinking about just how lucky we were to be taking our child home, and how many families weren't as fortunate. It made me sad, and I told my husband that I wished we were rich so that I could go on a shopping spree and deliver gifts to all of the little ones in the hospital.

Far from rich, I put the desire in the back of my mind.
Later in the week, my sister (who works at a hospital), was telling me that some co-workers were interested in buying some of my tutus as Christmas gifts.
Wheels started turning, and before long, I came up with a plan that I am super excited to share!

I have just put in an order for over 1,000' of tulle!

Having two girls of my own, I know the power of a tutu.
I know that when they wear them, their faces light up and with every twist and turn there is a giggle just waiting to spill out. What better gift to give little girls in the hospital this year?

My goal (along with my super supportive family) is to sell tutus online and at Tutu Workshops (details to follow). For every tutu sold, we will donate one to a child in a Pediatric Unit this Christmas Season. Because we also want to include the little boys, I will be including superhero capes as well.

Updates will be made on this blog along with a link to my new online store!