Welcome, I'm Lindsey Frankus.

I am a DIY addict who believes whole-heartedly that the spaces we spend the most time in greatly affects our moods, motivation, and ability to think clearly. I also believe that our homes should be as uniquely beautiful as the families that live in them. They should be a retreat that we look forward to coming home to, not a dumping ground, storage unit, or pit stop, where we pop in for the necessities. The greatest part, is that I also believe this can be achieved without spending loads of money on high ticket items and pricey designers. I believe YOU have the ability to create a beautiful space that you love.

We should love the spaces we spend our time in, and if we do not, we should make immediate changes. Walking into our homes should bring peace and the ability to rejuvenate.
— #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Brendon Burchard

And that's where I come in! Here at TFD Style, you'll find inspiration (via blog posts, videos, and my newsletter) for new projects, in-depth instructions on how to DIY, and the encouragement to get started. Stick around, and I'll show you how being resourceful and having a few simple skills under your tool belt can make a world of difference in your own home. I am by no means an expert at any one of the skills I know and teach, and you don't have to be either! You just need the courage to try. I want YOU to feel the sense of pride when you make your home uniquely you, and the compliments start to roll in. I want you to have pieces that are custom made just for your home. 

My Goal: Teach, Inspire, Share & Lead you to create a beautiful home that you Love!

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